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Operating Stand OS-2 Durometer OO
Categorias: Durómetros,
Etiquetas: ASTM D 2240


The Hildebrand Durometer Operating Stand Model OS-2-OO allows for accurate and repeatable Durometer readings on samples according to Durometer OO (ASTM D 2240). It rules out subjective test errors, which may be caused by differing load application forces or non-vertical application of the Durometer to the test piece. Features: The Durometer Operating Stand works on the constant load principle. The sample is positioned on the support table. The durometer is lowered shock-free by means of a manually operated lever. The hardness value can be read directly from the Durometer. The stable Durometer-unit consists of Aluminium. Due to the low weight the durometer-unit can be easily adjusted in height. Small and big samples can be tested in the Durometer Operating Stand. A crash ring - mounted on the column - eliminates a crash between durometer and support table, when lifting or lowering the Durometer-unit. Features:

  • Extension: 115 mm
  • Support table diameter: 98 mm
  • Max. sample thickness: 180 mm
  • Durometer unit: Stable aluminium design
  • Net weight: 15,6 kg
  • Standard:  ASTM D 2240
  • For Durometer type:  OO
  • Download: Brochura Operating Stand OS-2 Durometer OO