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Center Device with sample holder
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The Center Device with sample holder fully automatically cooperates with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. This fixture is designed to measure O-Rings and round style parts. For each sample you need a sample holder. Each sample holder has an identification number. The identification number is keyed into the MICRO IRHD software. An integrated electric motor is driving the measuring table to the exact position of the measuring axis. The machine is now measuring the sample. After the first measuring the sample holder can be rotated to measure at a different spot. Features: - System enables exact measuring at the measuring axis i.e. the highest point of the sample - Measuring table movement: 27 mm - Custom designed sample holders are available - Measuring table dimensions: 84 mm x 150 mm - Fully automatic measuring cycle - Easy to operate - Reference position of the measuring table Download: Brochura Center Device with sample holder