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Espectrómetro De Emissão Óptica IN-SPECT


The Belec IN-SPECT is the new compact stationary spectrometer for metal analysis. The tabletop instrument combines most of the features of a complex laboratory instrument in a compacted way. ATTRACTIVE COMPANION FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES The Belec IN-SPECT is the companion for all small and medium-sized enterprises. The standardized configuration of the inert gas breathed spectrometer optics and optimization of frequently requested analysis applications makes the instrument attractive. At the same time, the Belec IN-SPECT offers high-performance and accuracy to the user. Together with other accessories, the instrument presents a real unit and is an interesting alternative to conventional bulky stationary systems. The integrated spectrometer, containing the latest state-of-the-art 6GSO System, designed by belec engineers, allows the usage of any ideal spectral lines without any compromise. From now on the daily recalibration procedure belongs to history. The new MCDC system does it automatically unconsciously. One drift correction will give excellent results for several weeks. SMALL BUT NICE The Belec IN-SPECT is well suitable for laboratory operation. The small space required makes it possible to situate the instrument at almost any possible place. Download: BELEC In-Spect