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Espectrómetro De Emissão Óptica BELEC VARIO LAB


Belec has entirely re-designed the well established laboratory spectrometer. The new Belec Vario Lab again sets a unique standard in terms of precision and flexibility as it has been continuously improved in order to fulfill today’s needs for metal analysis. It is – again- the most competitive in terms of flexibility as far as sample size and shape is concerned. Next to the fixed sparking stand it can be equipped with an additional sparking probe. The new Belec Vario Lab is one of the most powerful spectrometers of its kind. Thanks to a simple operating interface and Software Belec WIN 21 there are virtually no limitations. Any program feature can easily be selected and configured according to customer specific applications. The fields of application are not limited. Whether in the laboratory or workshop – there is no location that can not be considered. IDEAL WORKING CONDITIONS The attractive design of the Belec Vario Lab ensures an ergonomic set-up of the spectrometer at a comfortable working height. The drawer has enough space to accommodate user tools, drift correction samples and other accessories. Get your Belec Vario Lab in the different versions: as inert gas- breathed, vacuum-operated or even air spectrometer, depending on the application. TWO MODELS TO SELECT, DEPENDING ON YOUR NEEDS The variation, Model 2P, equipped with the traditional, highly sensitive Photomultiplier detectors, is the ideal tool whenever maximum precision, accuracy and low limit of detection are essentially required. The second variation, the Model 2C, is equipped with the latest-state-of art CCD detectors. Due to the flexible design it is recommended for any multi-base application. The well established 6GSO system, already used in other belec spectrometers ensures the uncompromising use of ideal spectral lines. The need for daily recalibration is a thing of the past due to the MCDC system which automatically corrects spectral line drift. UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE WITH ADDITIONAL PROBE (ONLY MODEL 2P) An additional Sparking Probe can further enhance the functionality of the instrument. For the analysis of big, bulky or indestructible samples, you can use one of our sparking probes. With this unique option, the Belec Vario Lab covers all possible applications for metal analysis. Download: BELEC Vario Lab