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Medidor de Espessuras HTG-B
Etiquetas: DIN 53370, ISO 4593

Model Standard Application Foot Ø (mm) Weight (g) Pressure (kPa)
HTG-2 ISO 4593 DIN 53370 Film and foils    R40,0    10…50        ---

The Hildebrand thickness gauge is a cost efficient and easy to use instrument for measuring the thickness of different materials. The modular design with interchangeable foots with related weights enables the use for several standards. We can also offer specific thickness gauges modified to fit your special requirements. The constant force enables repeatable readings. We use only corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore you can use the Hildebrand thickness gauges in environments with high humidity. Features:

  • Laboratory grade granite base: Ø200 mm x 40 mm
  • Column diameter: 30 mm (stainless steel)
  • Sturdy extention arm (stainless steel)
  • Individual serial number on the weight/foot
  • Measuring way: 0,8 / 1,8 mm according to resolution
  • 3 Resolution adjustable:
    • 0,005 mm  = 1,8 mm measuring way
    • 0,001 mm  = 1,8 mm measuring way
    • 0,0002 mm = 0,8 mm measuring way
  • Weight: approx. 7 kg
  • Delivered with operating instructions and manual lifter


  • Proprietary Calibration Certificate issued by Hildebrand Prüf- und Meßtechnik GmbH
  • HilMeasure Software
  • Accessories