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Etiquetas: ASTM D823


Panel Sprayers remove the inconsistency of application experienced when using hand held spray guns, thus offering a means to set optimum and repeatable conditions to achieve consistent results.

Consistency in coating application is absolutely essential for subsequent evaluation of colour, gloss, opacity and general appearance, also for the physical properties including thickness, sagging, levelling and adhesion.
Evaluation of these properties is particularly important when applying high performance coatings such as metallic, pearlescent paints and special effect coatings.
The TQC Sheen Automatic Panel Sprayers are fully pneumatic and have been developed in association with major coating manufacturers.

Models and Options
Two models are available, namely SH0586 and SH0590. (Previously SH4500N & SH4700N models respectively)
The SH0586 is equipped for a single spray gun* use, the SH0590 model has the facility for two spray guns*.
*spray guns are not included with the Sprayers.
(The former Sheen model 4800N is no longer available.)

Differences between the new models and the superseded Sheen 4500N and 4700N models
The models SH0586 and SH0590 are the standard Sheen 4500N and 4700N, which had a switch for 2 settings with fixed values of 40 and 50 mm lift increments.
The models SH0582 and SH0581 are 2 new models, which are also based on Sheen models 4500N and 4700N, however with configurable lift settings. They also have a switch, but this switch has a custom predefined Lift setting as of factory. The lift setting can be configured in steps of 10mm up to maximum of 500mm. The lower the number the more steps. The required configuration needs to be defined on the order.

New Variants
Based on the SH0586 (single gun) and SH0590 (twin gun) models, the two new variants SH5082 (single gun) & SH5081 (twin guns) are available for the customer to specify the gun lift increments from 10mm to 500mm.

Panel Holders
All models are supplied with magnetic panel holders as standard; an optional Vacuum Panel Holder is available for use with non-magnetic and other flat panels. This option is only available when installed from the factory.

Setting parameters
The sprayers offer the facility to determine the optimum atomisation, coating build, flash off timing, flow/levelling, film thickness also gun traverse speeds and accelerated drying.
These settings are particularly important when defining the characteristics of new formulations.

Optimum settings
Once the optimum settings for a product have been achieved they can be easily reproduced for quality control and further sampling, thus enabling identification of any inconsistencies in formulation or preparation.


  • Simply operable - Easy to operate controls
  • Fully pneumatic - All functions and movements are operated by compressed air
  • Adjustable gun settings - Gun to panel distance, gun travel speed and spray pressure are adjustable
  • Optimum setting of rest period - Flash off timer/s enables optimum setting of rest period between each coating application
  • Special panel holders - All models are standard equipped with magnetic panel holders, vacuum holders for non-metallic panels are optionally available.
  • Versatile - Suitable for use in all spray booths
  • Easy to clean and service - Easy access to internal parts/mechanism for simplified service and cleaning
  • Air filters and regulators integrated - The Sprayers are fitted with air filters and regulators
  • Extra controls - Emergency and Reset button provided