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Probe can be connected to instruments suited for changeable probes (type ‘K’) using a plug connection. The probe is provided with a firm hand-grip and a one meter coiled cable. Can also be manufactured according to customer specifications. Contact us for further details. Note: Thicker probes have a longer response time. AVAILABLE TO ORDER

TE5125 Temperature probes, 133-130 ETI Heavy Duty asphalt probe with sturdy T-shaped hand-grip Dimensions 500 x 8 mm Temperature Range: max. 300 °C
TE5120 Temperature probes, 333-175 Deep freeze probe Dimensions: 160 x 8mm Temperature range max. 260ºC min. -180ºC
TE5112 Temperature probes, 133-080 Pipe probe with velcro fastening Max. pipediameter: 150mm Temperature range: max. 100°C
TE5110 Temperature probes, 80110 Surface probe Dimensions 130 x 8 mm Temperature range: max. 900 °C
               TE5109 Temperature probes, type 80109 Pipe clamp probe for pipes with a diameter of up to 35 mm Temperature range: max. 200ºC
TE5108 Temperature probes, type 80108 Air and gas probe Dimensions: 130 x 6 mm Temperature range: max. 600ºC
TE5107 Temperature probes, type 80107 Needle probe with sharp point Dimensions: 130 x 1.5 mm Temperature range: max.600ºC
TE5106 Temperature probes, type 80106 Needle probe with sharp point Dimensions: 130 x 3 mm Temperature range: max.600ºC
TE5105 Temperature probes, type 80105 Liquid probe Dimensions: 130 x 1.5 mm Temperature range: max. 900ºC
TE5104 Temperature probes, type 80104 Liquid probe Dimensions: 130 x 3 mm Temperature range: max. 1100ºC
TE5103 Temperature probes, type 80111 SquaNon- contact surface ther,. MX-series model MX2G-MX4PGre surface probe Dimensions: 130 x 8 mm point 15 x 30 mm Temperature range: max.200ºC