Etiquetas: ISO 8502-3


The TQC Dust Test Kit according to ISO 8502-3 allows assessment of the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting. Dust on blast cleaned surfaces can reduce coating adhesion, leading to premature coating failure and sub-standard coating finish. The dust test kit can be used in accordance with the recommendations of BS EN ISO 8502-3 either as a pass/fail test or as a permanent record of the presence of dust. DUST TEST KIT STANDARDS ISO8502-3 FEATURES TQC DUST TEST KIT A strong binder holds all necessary forms and visual comparator and has an integrated compartment for tape, scissors and illuminated magnifier. The binder closes with Velcro-strips to secure the content. Report Forms have space for 5 different test results. All the information that the ISO8502-3 standard requires can be filled in through check boxes or in pre-defined areas. This guarantees complete and valid reports. Display board shows clearly the different quantity ratings but also has a unique size-comparator for both light and dark dust particles. A black and white contrast files is included as well. The pictorial manual shows the test method in a clear way and can be used in any “language”. The Sample Transfer sheet is made of scratch resistant, high transparent plastic with pre-printed positions. It is conveniently fixed by a Velcro strip for easy detachment and replacement. The strong binder is suitable for field use. It holds all forms and accessories and is locked by a Velcro strip. No loose items! The illuminated magnifier has real glass optics for a clear view (no plastic lenses) SCOPE OF SUPPLY Battery powered (2xAA) portable 10x magnifier with glass lens and integrated light source Adhesive tape acc. ISO 8502-3 (adhesion peel strength of at least 190N per metre width) Pair of Scissors Pictorial manual Comparator display board in black and white, to assess dust quantity and dust particle size Sample transfer sheet Report forms (25 pieces) AVAILABLE TO ORDER

SP3200 TQC Dust Test Kit Scope of supply: Box with dust comparator display board, dust assessment plate, illuminated magnifier adhesive tape and a set of test record sheets.
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