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Taber Abrasion is used to determine relative resistance to abrasion defined as ‘the ability of a material to withstand mechanical damage’ such as rubbing, scraping or erosion. The Taber Abraser is an industry standard used in the wear and durability testing of parquet, metals, leather, textiles, rubber, lacquered surfaces, carpets, coatings etc.. Single or dual versions available. A wide range of accessories and options is available. Complies with virtually all relevant international standards such as: EN 438-2 • EN 660-2 • EN 13329:E • EN 13672 • EN 13696 • EN 14431 • EN 14864 • EN ISO 5470-1 • ASTM D1044 • ASTM D3389 • ASTM D3730 • ASTM D3884 • ASTM D4060 • ASTM D4685 • ASTM D4712 • ASTM D5146 • ASTM D5324 • ASTM D6037 • ASTM D7255 • ASTM F362 • ASTM F510 • ASTM F1478 • BS 3900 • DIN 52347 • DIN 53109 • DIN 53754 • DIN 53799 • DIN 68861 T2 • ISO 7784-2 • ISO 9352 • TAPPI T476 • NEN 1857 • … AVAILABLE TO ORDER

TB0157 Taber 5155 Dual Head Abraser Set
TB0156 Taber 5135 Single Head Abraser Set
TB0200 Taber Calibration Verifation Kit
TB0170 Taber 5500 Multi-Media Abraser Attachment
TB0605 S-39 Leather Wheel Set [leather strip mounted to brass hub]
TB0604 H 38 Calibrade Wheel Set (non-resilient) [very fine abrasive]
  TB0506 Taber S-42 sandpaper strips 100pcs
TB0700 Taber H18 wheels
TB0610 Taber S-45 Wheel Tracking Cards
TB0602 Taber S 36 mounting cards
  TB0601 Taber S 33 sandpaper strips
  TB0600 Taber S 16 specimen plates, 10pc
  TB0599 Taber S-11 refacing discs
  TB0503 CS-10F Calibrase® Wheel Set (resilient) (set van 2)
  TB0502 Taber CS 0 (S-32) wheels (set of 2)
  TB0501 Taber CS 10 wheels
  TB0500 Taber CS 17 abrasion wheels