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A series of ultra-flat TQC Glass Film Application Tables, designed to draw down sample coatings on test charts with a high degree of reproducibility. The glass application tables are equipped with a strong clamp to hold down the charts and four rubber feet at the bottom to prevent the glass application table from slipping. Supplied with rubber top cover for use with specific applicators. To be used with Bird Applicator, Baker Applicator, Quadruplex Applicator, Bar Applicator, and any other type film applicator. AVAILABLE TO ORDER

VF1601 TQC Glass Film Application Table, 380 x 230 mm Weight: 3.8Kg
VF1602 TQC Glass Film Application Table, 230 x 160 mm Weight: 1.6Kg
VF1603 TQC Glass Film Application Table, 300 x 100 mm Weight: 1.3Kg
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