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Calibrador de Durometro RC-1


The Durometer Calibrator Model RC-1 was designed for in-house calibration ability. The Calibrator comes with weights for calibrating the spring-load of durometers in the A, AO, B, C, D, DO and O scales. Due to the new design it is also possible to use durometers of almost all renowned manufactures by applying our optional adapters. This allows the application of durometers already available to you. Model RC-1 is a great way for reducing costs in quality control. Since the introduction of ISO 9000 new standards in quality control have been asked for. The  calibrator conforms to national and international standards such as DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240. According to these durometer readings must be within +/-1 of the point indicated on the scale. Model RC-1 comprises a sturdy steel base and can easily be levelled with 3 handwheels and the built-in box level. The Durometer Unit is adjustable in height and almost every durometer brand can be mounted. The balancing unit comprises a balancing arm and moveable balance weights. After balancing the arm you can easily check the spring-load via 10 durometer  points. Download: Brochura Durometer Calibrator RC-1